Scarab Capital Hedge Fund

World leading returns

Scarab Capital’s private fund has been running for over ten years and due to the success of the Scarab V1 fund, we are now able to offer this service to new high net worth clients and businesses.

The Scarab V1 fund specialises in the currency market and the major world currencies along with Oil, Gold and Silver. Using low-risk, high reward investment strategies, Scarab has achieved higher than average returns and has constantly beat the rate of inflation.

Our team based in London & Luxembourg develops and deploys trading strategies combining a powerful scientific approach and sophisticated research platform. Our team of expert traders deploys trades in our unique development environment to continuously produce, optimise and execute effective trades.

We offer a world-class fund program that generates 9-12% monthly returns on an annualised basis. Our objective is to provide our investors with consistent returns while maintaining a low-risk setting for all of our clients’ accounts.



There are zero set up fees to join the Scarab V1 Fund.

We work on a profit share basis of just 35% of profits made each month meaning the client takes 65% of all profits achieved by our team on their funds. Clients simply open an account with our JSC REGULATED partner broker (Equiti Group) and deposit funds into the account. All funds are only accessible by the client and they can be withdrawn or credited to their account at any time.


Clients with over $10,000,000 please email us: before opening an account.