A Fund for Everyone in 2022

To kick off 2022, Scarab Capital has opened up its very successful crypto investment fund to everyone. Unlike other funds, the Scarab Capital fund limits investment to a fixed maximum amount of $365 per transaction, which lets anyone get involved and gain access to the same opportunity, regardless of their financial situation.

Managed by Scarab’s top analysts, the investment fund is divided into 10 areas of the crypto markets with the best return on investment available. When our analysts see new opportunities throughout 2022, profits are taken and reinvested to maximize return.

Investors don’t need any experience to get involved in this unique crypto fund and all members are updated monthly on how the fund is performing via a monthly newsletter.

You can invest in the fund using BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DAI and BCH.

2021 Results

Invested: $365.00 (locked for 365 days)

Total Balance: $4,850.88

Profit: $4,485.88 (+1229.0%)

Past returns are no guarantee of future earnings.


The maximum amount that can be invested is $365 per transaction and this investment sum is locked in for 365 days. Returns are paid out 365 days after joining the fund. You can open as many investments as you like, but the maximum amount is $356 per transaction.

All profits from the fund are paid via BTC less a 15% management fee. To join the fund simply press the Invest Now button and follow the instuctions.

If you would like to discuss larger, investment opportunities with Scarab Capital please email us: admin@scarabcapital.io or contact us via Telegram.