Live Trade Floor Access

Follow our Trades Live

Scarab Capitals live trade floor forex signals are simply trading suggestions that are sent to you via Telegram. As our traders place the trades live all members are sent the exact trade that they can then copy across to their own accounts at any broker.

Each trade is sent with entry price, 2 or 3 take profit points and a stop loss, making it very easy to follow and maximise profits while minimising risk.

Why Offer Signals?

From our perspective here at Scarab Capital this allows us to provide our forex signal Telegram service on a global scale. Most importantly, when we send out a forex signal to the many members within our Telegram group, the message is sent in real-time. When it arrives, a notification will ping up on your phone.

An additional reason why we at Scarab have opted for a Telegram forex signal service is the community aspect of the application. For example, if you join our forex signal service, you will automatically be added to our Telegram group.
In doing so, you will be joining heaps of other like-minded members that want to make consistent gains in the forex scene. While some of our members are seasoned traders, others are complete newbies. This means that irrespective of your prior forex experience, you can communicate with your fellow group members.


Get lifetime access to our forex signals that have returned over 70% in 2022 so far. Simply purchase $100 of the Scarab token via the link below and our team will add you to our live trade floor group.


To make this service available to all what ever their account size we only charge $30 a month. Press the Join Now button below to gain instant access.